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Despite budget cuts, East Texas student still pursues education

By Annette Falconer –bio|email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - To make up a $4 billion dollar deficit in the budget, democrats want to take money from the rainy day fund and from Governor Perry's housing fund and economic developments to pay for education.  But republicans are rejecting the amendments on party line votes.

For weeks, we have been covering stories about teachers from all over the state, including East Texas going to Austin to protest the education spending cuts that would force districts to layoff thousands of teachers.

Yet, despite the threatened cuts in education, student teaching students continue to pursue a career in education, and teachers keep on teaching.

Student teacher at Lindale Intermediate, Taylor Vador is not scared off by the pending education funding cuts.

"I love to teach, and if that means I have to substitute for one, two years before I actually get a job, than that's what I'll do," says Vador.

And even before becoming a teacher, Vador already feels the reality of the field, he says, " Everybody is worried are we going to have enough money, that they can pay me, and if they can't pay me, who are they going to get rid of?"

Lindale 6th grade teacher, Whitney Crews, tries to stay optimistic about the foggy future.

"We just get up every day, take care of the kids, and do what we need to do, and all that's eventually going to fall into place and I know districts are doing everything they can to take care of their teachers," says Crews.

Crews encourages student teachers like Vador, she said," Even if it's just substituting or volunteering, get as much experience as you can cause districts will look at that and say, "oh, look at what they have to offer us."

According to Ms. Crews of Lindale ISD, the district is trying to make other cuts in the budget first, in order to keep all of their teachers safe from lay offs.

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