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Where does your East Texas county rank in health? Check here.

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Your healthy, or non-healthy, lifestyle could have influenced numbers on a new report that just came out today. The Northeast Texas Health District analyzes the report to see how East Texas counties rank in the lone star state.

The county health rankings report show multiple measures that affect health, like the rate of people dying before age 75, income, and rates of smoking.

"It basically allows communities such as Tyler and Smith county how we compare to counties in our region but also with the rest of the state, and where are some things that we can improve," says George Roberts, the CEO of the Northeast Texas Public Health District.

Smith county is one of the healthiest counties, it is number 51 out of 254 counties in the state of Texas. Gregg county, on the other hand, lands at 181...and Anderson county is 202.

Roberts says Smith County is working hard to get even higher than 51, "Some of the initiatives we've been working on, the smoke free ordinance, the obesity initiatives we've been working on in our community, we're still early on the data is not there to support our efforts quite yet."

Gregg county health district, however, didn't want to talk about their county falling in the lower third of Texas' least healthy counties.

Smith county shows 22 percent people smoke, where the nation average is only 15%, and Texas is 19%.

Gregg county has over ten thousand premature deaths, which is high, compared to the national benchmark, and Texas state.

According to the report, unhealthy counties tend to have lower high school graduation rates, they have more than twice as many children in poverty, fewer grocery stores, and much higher rates of unemployment.

Roberts says more exercise, less smoking, and more education will increase the numbers for next years report.

"All those things, I feel will positively impact the health of our community in days ahead," says Roberts.

You can check how your county ranks by visiting, www.countyhealthrankings.org.

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