Cheap Eats: 3 great choices in Tyler

By Jamey Boyum

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's been a while, but we figured it was time to show you a few places where you can have a meal for five dollars or less. Yes, Cheap Eats is back. This time around, we visit four locations around Tyler to see if you can fill up for five.

Not every restaurant can offer an entire lunch for five or less including tax, but today I managed to find four places that will ease the strain on your pocketbook. What is a "pocketbook", anyway? That's a different story, I guess.

First stop, Bruno's Pizza and Pasta. Looking at the menu, they didn't seem to have anything that fit the bill, so I asked. Yes, it turns out, they could fit all this in a five dollar bill.

Rusty Hinkle with Bruno's said," This is a meatball and cheese sandwich, this is a poor boy sandwich, half sandwich chips and a drink for 4.87.

I think I'm supposed to say that part. Anyway, the lesson here is it may not be on the menu, so ask.

Second stop, Jucy's Hamburgers. After a look at the menu we spotted something.

Dennis Moreau, Jucy's manager said," We have this grilled cheese right here and all you can eat beans and a small drink for 4.52."

"Wow, so you can go back and get more beans?" I asked.

"Yeah, all the beans you want," he answered.

That's great but I still think I'm supposed to say the price. Next up, Tortilleria Taqueria Martinez  where they have several combinations for less than a Lincoln, but the cheapest one is..

"Two corn tacos with the meat of your choice," Ivonne Martinez with Tortilleria Taqueria Martinez  said.

With a drink, and, if you dine in, you get chips and hot sauce, all for just 4.33. I finally got to say the price!

But, the best deal was a surprise to me: Target. There are all kinds of combinations you can get without throwing change in with your five, but the cheapest cheap eat of the day is a hot dog, chips and a drink for..

"Three seventy," The cashier said.

Well, at least I got to say the price once.

The Locations and food are:

Bruno's Pizza and Pasta 1400 S.Vine Tyler, Tx.  ½ Meatball, Chips, Drink $4.87

Jucy's Hamburgers 2330 5th street Tyler, Tx.  Grilled Cheese, Beans, Drink $4.52

Tortilleria Taqueria Martinez  903 E. Erwin Tyler, Tx. Two Tacos, Drink, Chips and Hot Sauce  $4.33

Target 7003 S, Broadway Tyler, Tx.  Nachos or Hot Dog, Chips, Drink  $3.70