Tatum students honor departed classmate by signing 'Lillie's Law'

Tatum students honor departed classmate by signing 'Lillie's Law'

TATUM, TX (KLTV) – Students at Lillian's school are also taking the lessons of texting and driving to heart. They're committing to keeping their eyes on the road from now on.

Still reeling from the loss of Lillian Propes, Tatum High Schoolers decided to honor her memory with a pledge they call "Lillie's Law," no more texting and driving.

Sophomore Wills Myer says, "I thought it was the right thing to do considering what happened it's not worth it to text when you could lose your life… I realized how many times I had been texting and driving and risking my own life."

Kolebi Hodges was a close friend of Lillie's.

"Losing a best friend over texting and driving is hard, it affects you," says Hodges.

For some, it is the only way to say goodbye to their friend.

"I think it's real important not only because it's a pledge for your own safety, but it's something that's going to keep her memory alive," says junior Madison McGowan.

Every student with a driver's license was asked to sign a pledge promising never to text and drive, wearing rings that say texting kills.

"It's an eye opener as to the effects of what texting and driving can have on a community, on a school, and on themselves, and how a pledge like this can ultimately change their outlook on texting and driving," says Tatum high teacher, Brad Moughon, "I will never pick up the phone again in the car."

And make sure they honor Lillian's memory by keeping their promise.

Tatum high school is also holding a memorial service for Lillian Propes.

That will be Thursday night at 7 at the Tatum high school auditorium.

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