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Tragic accident inspires East Texas students

GILMER, TX (KLTV) – After an East Texas teenager was killed in a wreck while she was texting and driving this weekend, her mother sent a written plea to her fellow students.

Lillian Propes, 16, died Sunday when her truck went off the road near Tatum and crashed into a tree.

The next day, Lillian's mother warned her fellow students about the dangers of texting and driving.

And her message is spreading across East Texas.

Lillian Propes death deeply affected 18-year-old Miranda Roberts of Gilmer high school.

"I guess because it impacted me so much because she was so young and it was a tragic loss," said Roberts, "It's something that can easily be prevented. I have a habit of looking at my phone, it could have been anybody—it could have been me—it could have been my best friend."

Roberts, apart from the school, asked her classmates to remember Lillian by signing sympathy cards, and asking them to pledge not to text and drive.

"This is a serious issue—texting and driving. I mean, it's killing young innocent lives and I think people need to take this more seriously," Roberts expressed.

Gilmer High School Principal Greg Watson said, "Well, it says a lot about Miranda and other students that have participated in this… For them to realize on their own, ‘hey this could have easily have happened to us—hey we need to do something about this. We need to get a message out there.'"

Like most teens and texting, she's done it herself.

"That's why I think it impacted me so much," Roberts explained, "It's not worth losing a precious life over a text message. It's just not worth it."

Roberts hopes this gesture will honor Lillian's memory.

"Her life was important and that it meant something, and that's going to impact a lot of people," Roberts said.


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