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Man leads DPS on wild chase through neighborhood

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) – A wild high-speed chase through a Longview neighborhood ended in gunfire with authorities tackling the suspect.

On Sunday, neighbors say they watched 45-year-old James Goodwin barrel through streets their children normally play on.

Some residents are asking why authorities chased Goodwin at such a high speed and fired shots in a residential area.

On Sunday afternoon, Emily Gibbs says her neighborhood erupted into chaos.

"The cops were behind him and they were chasing him," said Gibbs. "They were shooting the guns and I all I know is that I heard the shots."

"You could smell the residue from the gunshots and the dirt that was just flying everywhere," said neighbor Eileen Bowles.

DPS says James Goodwin was speeding and not wearing a seatbelt. They tried to pull him over, but he say he was not stopping.

"He wasn't even looking—that's what's bad. He didn't look to see if there was any children, and people standing out on the road or any cars. I mean he was just going and going—nonstop," said Gibbs.

Neighbors say he bashed a mailbox, barreled through yards and a ditch as a trooper fired shots.

Bowles was nearly caught in the crossfire as she tried to get home. "I would have met up with him or one of the cops. You know, I was in the middle of it," she said.

Gibbs questions why DPS pursued Goodwin and then fired shots.

"I think they should have backed off and not been right on him because he might have stopped then," Gibbs expressed.

But DPS says they followed protocol.

"Taking into account location, where you are, are you justified in what you're doing? And in this instance, they were," said Trooper Jeanne Dark.

The chase finally ended when a neighbor blocked him with a truck. Neighbors thought it was over, but Goodwin wasn't finished yet.

"He acted like he was gonna be subdued, but when he got the opportunity, apparently he broke and ran," says witness Pallie Elston.

Authorities and bystanders say they had to tackle Goodwin to the ground, where he was finally arrested.

"It could have been bad. It's a wonder nobody is hurt. It's a wonder," said Bowles.

Goodwin faces several charges including aggravated assault on a peace officer and driving under the influence.

He is being held in the Gregg County Jail on a $1.3 million bond.

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