New Birth Control Approved

For Kelley Barclay, A monthly period means cramps, mood swings, and pain. But once she started taking Seasonale birth control pills, that all changed.

"My mood swings were not at all like they had been before," she explains. "not at all as severe. My pain was not a the Level it had been before I started Seasonale."

Seasonale is just like any ordinary birth control pill, the only difference, you take pills over twelve weeks and then a week of sugar pills. So instead of having a period every month, you only have one 4 times a year.

This techniques isn't entirely new. Many women like Dr. Carolyn Westoff have been using birth control pills to skip periods for years.

"I have not had any side effects from suppressing periods, and I think it's terrific," says Dr. Carolyn Westoff.

Doctors like Roy McClintock say Seasonale can also help you say goodbye to PMS.

"Whatever symptoms women are having as far as cramping and heavy bleeding, that would be eliminated. And it would be safe to say there would be less emotional factors and bloating as well," says Dr. McClintock.

Some doctors argue there are good medical reasons to having a monthly period.

The author of "No More Periods? is Dr. Susan Rako and she disagrees with skipping periods.

"Bleeding is the only way our bodies can rid itself of excess stored iron and that's a risk for heart attack and strokes."

There are side effects from Seasonale, but Dr. McClintock says they're similar to any side effects with birth control pills -- mainly weight gain. Kelley did gain weight on Seasonale she says the trade off is worth it.