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Cat rescued after stuck in tree for 9 days

By Samantha Jordan – bio| email 

HENDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV)- KLTV viewer Allen Hall, says before Bella's story finished airing Sunday night he was already out the door.

"I knew the cat couldn't stay up there much longer," said Allen Hall, rescued cat.

So Hall said he quickly got to work when he got to the tree where Bella was stuck in.

"I put an 8 ft ladder here and started hurdling tree limbs," said Hall.

Hall said he free climbed his way upward and downward the tree where it only took him 15 minutes to save Bella, but says he had some help in the process.

"I was holding lights, to light up the tree so  he wouldn't miss a step, I did not want him to fall," said Stephanie Pritchett, concerned neighbor.

Despite it being so late, hall said it was important to him to get Bella back to her owner.

"It's a kids cat if I wasn't able to go up a tree I would want someone to help get my child's cat, you know that' the worst thing you could do is let your kids watch their animal die," said Hall. 

So imagine 15- year old Elizabeth Pace's surprise when she heard a knock late Sunday night

"They said guess what we have and I said my cat and I was so excited and I was like thank you thank you for bringing back my cat," said Elizabeth Pace, Bella's owner.

Yet despite Bella finally being reunited with her family, the City of Chandler has been catching the bad tail end of it for not helping. Even though City Manager Jim Moffeit said it's not the city's responsibility.

"The incident happened about 8 to 9 miles out of our jurisdiction we probably would have contacted the appropriate authority and tried to get them to see after the cat," said Jim Moffeit, Chandler City Manager.

In cases that are outside of the city limits, Moffeit said county law enforcement agencies are the ones to call, not the city.

But for now, Bella the cat is back home, safe and sound where the Pace family says she's doing well,

The Pace family will take her to the vet to get checked out.

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