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Padded bikini tops for children?

By Annette Falconer –bio|email

After outrage from many parents, Abercrombie and Fitch has raised the target audience age for one of their bikini swimsuits.  Originally, "The Ashley" swimsuit was targeted to girls as young as 8. The top of the swimsuit was padded. Just this afternoon, Abercrombie said the swimsuit is best suited for girls 12 and older.

When Abercrombie and Fitch introduced the new bikini top, it made counselor Wade French concerned.

"Its just incomprehensible to me that this company would even think about something like this," French said.

French said this will only lead to future problems for children down the road.

"You're introducing the idea to them that this is the correction for your deficiency. Now, mind you, I'm the one creating the deficiency, but I'm also creating the cure for it."

Mother Allison Godkin thinks children should not feel pressure to grow up too fast.

"They need to be allowed to be kids and enjoy their bodies and enjoy who they are, and grow up at a normal pace," Godkin said.

French said sexualizing a child, or introducing them to sexual ideas, can cause severe self-esteem problems.

"You're fostering this idea that acceptance of others is what's important, the idea of acceptance of yourself is not important. So who's driving the bus now," French said.

French said it's just best to allow life take it's natural sequence of events, and let children be children.

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