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Cat stuck in tree for 9 days

 By Samantha Jordan – bio| email

 CHANDLER, TX (KLTV)- The Pace family says they've done just about everything to rescue their cat, Bella, after a neighbor heard the cat crying for help.

"We tried do squirt it down with the water hose we tried throwing stuff up at it I've opened numerous cans of tuna just hoping the whiff would get it to come down and nothing has worked," said Stephanie Pritchett, concerned neighbor.

Pritchett says she and her husband found Bella in the tree a week ago Saturday night, but waited until Monday to call for help.

Nine days later Pritchett, says help has not come and Bella shows no signs of coming down.

"Monday we called the fire department, the sheriff's office, animal control, the humane society and ASPCA  and all of them pretty much told me it wasn't their problem," said Pritchett.

And while one person has said he could find a way to get the cat down, it comes with a hefty price, the family said they can't afford. So 15-year-old Elizabeth Pace says she visits Bella daily.

"I've been coming over here shaking my cat food and everything and they've been helping me a lot, she's like a family member to us," said Pace, cat owner.

 Pace says one man attempted to climb the tree to rescue Bella, but was unsuccessful.

Now Pritchett says her biggest fear is that the cat will die in the tree if someone doesn't lend a helping hand.

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