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Gladewater hosts medal of honor ceremony

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LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- A solemn ceremony today in Gladewater, to remember the men who through our history have received the highest award for bravery our country can bestow. The congressional medal of honor is rarely awarded. A ceremony today honored two east Texans who have received the award. Old faces and young came together on the grounds of the Gladewater cemetery to remember those who have won the nations highest honor.

"The medal of honor recipient, to me its one of the highest respects we can pay a fellow comrade," says Korean war veteran Roy Aldridge, retired U.S. air force.

Local veterans were joined by representatives of the Korean army and marine corps, who themselves were honored to participate.

"Through this event we can extend our appreciation and we can recognize people, veterans who fought hard for our freedom," said ceremony guest lieutenant colonel Sung Hok Kim of the Korean marine corps.

Honored were congressional medal of honor recipient army sergeant Travis Watkins, killed in action in Korea, and surviving Korean veteran retired army colonel James Stone, who was a p-o-w.

"I know this group here they're not going to forget , these are real 100 percent Americans , a strong belief," Stone says.

A flyover of vintage T-6 fighters also honored navy ensign Mack Dean who died in 1969. His brother Steve was one of the flyover pilots.

"It is a day of remembrance, lest we forget," Aldridge says.

"They're showing their patriotism to our country here, that's a good thing to see," Stone says.

"All Korean peoples appreciation the American veterans," Kim says.

The program was also attended by members of the group 'welcome home soldier', who held honor flags throughout the ceremony.

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