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52nd Annual Azalea Trails is in full bloom

By Jamey Boyum - email
Posted by Elizabeth Thomas – email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It attracts over a hundred thousand people a year to Tyler..many from out of state. They eat at our restaurants, stay at our hotels, and buy our gas. They also all say the same thing, "OOooo! Look at the pretty flowers!" Yes, we're talking about Tyler's 52nd annual Azalea Trails.

At the opening ceremony, the ribbon is cut and the 52nd annual Tyler Azalea Trails is in full bloom.  The opening ceremony features the Azalea Belles at the start of ten miles of colorful scenery.  It attracts tourism, well like bees to honey.

Janie Menegay Executive Director of Historic Tyler said "This is probably the event that brings more visitors to town than anything else with the possible exception of the Rose Festival ."

Joan and Guy Pyron hosted the ceremony, and have put many hours into their property. And, apparently the word has spread.

"We had some people here, I think it was yesterday, and they said that they had heard about us all the way up in Wyoming."

For the trails to get a reputation like that requires businesses like Alan's Lawn and Landscaping to do top notch work to more than one house.

Alan Harris of Alan's Lawn and Landscaping said," We got probably ten or fifteen in the Azalea District. Everything just kind of hits at once, springtime is here, finishing up with leaves, spring clean ups and fertilizing..so it gets pretty hectic this time of year."

He works six days a week to get everything ready.

"Gotta take a break one day, "He said.

Some property owners even let you walk around their property.

"Do you ever have the urge to yell, get out of my yard?" I asked.

"Well, we've had some people that don't behave and we've yelled, get out of my yard," Guy Pyron said.

So, enjoy the sights and smells, but don't touch..Right, Alan?

"I gotta get to work," he said.

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