Cancer Bell Rings For Inspirational Survivor

It was to be just a small gathering of friends, but more than sixty people gathered at the Rose Rudman Cancer Bell Saturday for an impromptu memorial for Ceceila Bronston.

They rang the Cancer Bell in memory of the woman who dedicated it last year. Bronston passed away Thursday from ovarian cancer. Loved ones like Deborah Stephen came to pay tribute.

"Today I came out in support and in memory of Cecelia," Stephen says, "because this was Cecelia's dream."

Deborah met Cecelia while both were receiving cancer treatments. She says she'll keep coming back to this special place for her friend.

"This place is a battle won," she explains. "Each time I come now, I'll ring the bell for her."

It was last November when the cancer bell was dedicated. Cecelia was there that day.

Now in some ways, she'll always be there.

"I think this is almost kind of in the center of who she was," close friend Dr. Sasha Vukelja says. "I think it symbolized her as a woman who fought, who was a terrific mom and a good friend."

Local services for Cecelia Bronston will be held Monday at three at the Episcopal Church of Tyler. Following that, she'll be buried overseas in Scotland, her family's home.

Cecelia will be laid to rest next to her mother, who also died of ovarian cancer.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.