Four Dead in Rusk Car Crash

A tragic overnight car crash in the Tatum area claims the lives of four young people. State troopers say it was at 11 Friday night that a fiery crash between two vehicles 2 miles north of Tatum claimed the lives of four young women... four of them students at Tatum high school.

"When I heard there was a tragic accident my thought is, is it one of our kids?.. But I think we're all in shock and will still be next week" says Debbie Maxey, principal at Tatum High School. Killed in the crash were 15-year-old Rachel Reid, a cheerleader and honor student... 16 year old Jaicey Robberson, also a cheerleader and honor student... 14 year old Mackinsey Blalock, a cross country runner and honor student... And 20 year old Kasey Moraw a graduate of Tatum High.

18 year old David Reid, the brother of Rachel, was driving the second vehicle... And was hospitalized with serious injuries. The news of the deaths has shattered the quiet community.

"Its just devastating , theres not just four families effected but we're one family in Tatum and it has effected every household... They were four students that touch every bodies life everyday" says local resident Kip Smith-Amick.

"I couldn't belive it. My girlfriend is the one who told me and I kept telling her 'no, no...'" said classmate Alan Colbert.  As with so many small towns... practically everyone knew the girls... and everyone feels the loss. School officials say that counselors will be at Tatum High School on Monday to try and help the student body deal with this tragedy.