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New french diet claims questioned by experts

Posted by Morgan Chesky

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's the European diet that already has millions of converts abroad, including the family of soon to be royal bride Kate Middleton.

If you haven't heard of the Dukan Diet, you most likely soon will.  The French doctor behind it is set to bring a million dollar book deal and mass advertising across the pond in the next few months.  In French, it's called Le Regime Dukan, creation of Dr. Pierre Dukan.

In English, it goes by the Dukan Diet, promising instant weight loss and no calorie counting in four separate phases.

Phase one is called the attack phase where people load up on high protein low fat foods like skinless chicken breast, turkey, even non fat Greek yogurt. Then comes phase two, where most weight is lost by cycling specific vegetables into your diet.  Make it to phase 4 and Dukan says people can eat anything they want (in moderation of course) for six days a week as long as they follow phase one diet one day a week.

The Dukan diet kicks off its American boom with its upcoming book entitled "The Dukan Diet, the real reason the French stay thin."

The book is set to be released this spring.

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