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Tyler homeowners forced to hide during invasion

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV)- Tyler Police are scrambling to find the people who broke into two homes Wednesday morning. In one case, the homeowners were still in the house. One of the break-ins happened on First Street. The other happened around 5 o'clock Wednesday morning, in the 1900 block of South College Avenue.

One of the victims says he was forced to hide in his home as the thieves made their way in.

Scott Chilton showed us where an intruder jimmied his back door open. Moments later, his wife heard strange noises coming from the living room.

"She thought she heard something in the house," he said. "So, she came in and woke up and she called 911."

The dispatcher told the Chiltons to stay in their room until police arrived. Scott says he was tempted to confront whoever was in his home.

"I could have easily stumbled across the intruder. Being a guy I just thought my wife was crazy and hearing things and I was ready to go in there," said Chilton.

Minutes later, police where on scene, the back door was wide open and the intruders were nowhere in sight. Scott says at the that moment he realized someone was actually in his home.

"You can't imagine that someone would be bold enough to just walk into a house with people there," he said. "While the television was on in my bedroom and I was asleep, I could have easily been awake."

As police were working the break-in just down the street, another call came in. This time a woman, saying her neighbor's back door was wide open and their light was on. Luckily, no one was at home.

Just days before the Azalea Trail, this part of town is an active crime scene. Police lifted fingerprints from items the burglars touched. Although there's no description of the suspects, Scott says he's thankful he didn't get a look at the intruders.

"I could have gone out there. I could have easily confronted them. They could have been armed."

A potential dangerous situation stopped by his wife's good ears and police advice.

Neighbors did say they saw prowlers lurking around their home, but right now police do not know if that's connected with these burglaries.

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