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Tots on trikes for a good cause

By Jamey Boyum - email
Posted by Elizabeth Thomas – email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Kids helping kids--that's the idea behind Ebenezer Day Care Center's annual Trike-A-Thon. Since 1995 the center has been raising money for Saint Jude's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  The tiny bikers get pledges from big-hearted donors, and all they have to do is ride for the money.

And they're off--Well, almost everybody, with nothing but safety in mind, of course.  There is a junior police officer present in case of trouble.

Ebenezer Day Care Center has always raised at least 800 dollars for Saint Jude's Hospital, but this year three mini-bikers have raised that by themselves. They win up to three prizes if they hit a hundred, and if they go over that...

"They'll get all three still. And, I'm going to give them a token of my appreciation, those that raise that much," says Evelyn Allen with Ebenezer Day Care Center.

They're getting something else, too. A workout. And then..

Jrie Hawkins also with Ebenezer Day Care Center said, "They're going to go in there and eat and hopefully take a really good nap."

"Hopefully that's the only crash," I said.

"That's the only crash," she said.

But, what about the cash? Top three are Marion with 200, Kabren with 300, and, drum roll please, Ari'ynna with 500 bucks!

"So, they all have their insurance and vehicle registration?" I asked a parent.

"Ha! I need to make sure, huh?" He replied.

There is a little pink officer out here.

"I've seen her. She's around here somewhere," He said.

"I think she sees a speeder," I said.

Raising money for a worthy cause is still no excuse to speed.

I think she just issued a verbal warning.

The children, of course, brought their own bikes from home, and were instructed in bike and tricycle safety before they hit the course.

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