Gift of Love: 12-year-old Kyle

He's a 12-year-old boy who enjoys an adventure and being outdoors.

Now he's on the search for his forever family.

12-year-old Kyle and I are on an a special behind the scenes tour of the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge.

Kyle knows a lot about lions, tigers and bobcats!

At the young age of 12, Kyle already knows he wants to work with animals when he gets older--that's if his career with the NFL doesn't work out.

Kyle generally gets along well with others but does face some challenges with his ability to concentrate.

Kyle is very much a boy and loves to be outdoors.

When it comes to school, Kyle's in the sixth grade.

He loves math and PE--social studies not so much.

Kyle has a set of twin brothers who have been adopted and Kyle hopes to be able to have contact with them when he finds his forever family.

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