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The buzz on bees

By Samantha Jordan – bio| email

GILMER, TX (KLTV) - They're creepy, crawly, honey-making insects that are making quite a buzz after one east Texas man found them swarming his car when he stepped out of work.

The owner, Cody Moore, says he knew he couldn't tackle the bees alone so he called 17-year-old Mike Rappazzo, Certified Bee Keeper.

"We looked at the situation and we just started immediately trying to take the bees off the car so that we wouldn't have a passersby get stung and tried to relieve the situation as quick as possible, "says Rappazzo.

But one might wonder, how did the bees get there in the first place.

"The bees were clumped on the car because what happened is a swarm from a cavity swarmed onto the car, in preparation for finding another home but of all places a car, they pick random vehicles random structures trees a mailbox they really don't pick and choose, they just land on whatever," says Rappazzo.

And while they may look scary, swarms of bees are not known to be aggressive. Rappazzo says these types of situations aren't uncommon in East Texas...having anywhere from two to three hundred calls a year.

If you find yourself in a similar situation remember to stay calm and call the experts.

According to Rappazzo, "the great thing about East Texas is we have a local club...all they have to do is get on the Internet look up East Texas Bee Keepers Association and there is all the contact information for the bee keepers in your area."

Rappazzo says he has more than four years of experience when it comes to handling bees and what started as his hobby has turned into a business.

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