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Texas senator serves food at "Fresh" in Tyler

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

Senator John Cornyn wasn't at "FRESH" for very long Tuesday afternoon before he put on an apron, and went to work.

He spent several minutes serving free food to East Texas shoppers, and he told KLTV 7 that he wishes the president would be just as forthcoming with his goals for the conflict in Libya.

"We don't want another Al Qaeda or Hamas, or Hezbollah taking over there," Cornyn said. "So there's a lot to learn from the president, but he seems to be pretty quiet."

"Is his plan merely to shoot off some cruise missiles and declare victory, even if Gaddafi stays there and continues to be a threat? We don't know."

Cornyn's visit comes just one day before the one year anniversary of the health care law being signed. And that's a topic he heard about from Brookshire's executives.

"In 2014, part time employees who work more than 30 hours a week, would be entitled to all the benefits that a full time employee is, and it just adds cost to doing business," said Brookshire's President and CEO Rick Rayford.

Cornyn said "Fresh" is another example of a business being punished by the health care law, and fixing that problem is at the top of his shopping list.

"We're going to need to work to defund the parts that really don't work, and then we're going to repeal that where we can replace it with healthcare that will make it more accessible, more affordable," Cornyn said.

During his visit, Cornyn also blamed the cost associated with the health care law for some of the budget issues Texas is having right now.

He said he's sponsoring a proposed constitutional amendment that would require the federal government to have a balanced budget.


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