Proud of East Texas: Caitlin Patty

By Joan Hallmark

The National Cutting Horse Association's "Rookie of the Year" is a pretty East Texas teenager, who's won her title over competitors more than twice her age with more than twice the time to practice.

Eighteen year old Caitlin Patty of Lindale has been around horses all her life, but didn't start competitive riding until two years ago. In spite of the time it has taken to get to the top in cutting, Caitlin continued to take part in school activities, often juggling school proms with travel and cutting.

The registered name of Caitlin's cutting horse is ""Playboy's A Smarty", although he answers to the name of "Bubba". Caitlin gives full credit to her horse for her success in cutting, describing "Bubba" as "big hearted and smart."

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