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Longview Libyan man hopes fighting brings freedom

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- An East Texan, originally from Libya, is closely watching the situation in his home country and exhorting his countrymen, to fight for freedom. 59 year old Farag Eljoki fears for his family remaining in Libya, but wants the fight to end in freedom for his homeland. While air strikes smash into Libyan targets, Eljoki sees the rebel uprising in his native land as Libya's finest hour.

"Freedom is not easy, blood has to be , that's the only way to get your freedom is by blood, the hope of god and the help of the others , Gadhafi is gone," he says.

He has 6 brothers and sister living in Tripoli, he hasn't spoken to them in ten days.

"I'm concerned about everybody, every Libyan, every single human being, we've been trying for so long and 42 years is along time and this guy just came and destroyed Libya," Farag says.

He's glad western powers have entered the fight, against a brutal dictator.

"I want to give my many thanks to the American people and the American government and the french government. Help us to get rid of this monster, and that's what he is a monster," Eljoki says.

But instead of being fearful for his family and his homeland, he's exhorting his countrymen to fight.

"I'm very proud of every Libyan and I'm proud of my family and I hope they are in the middle of it and I hope they;re doing their best to fight, this is the time for every Libyan this is the time to stand up and fight," he says.

He says he's learned from his 30 years of living in the U-S , that freedom is worth fighting for.

"I hope one day Libya will be like the United States, that's my dream," Farag says.

Eljoki hopes western intervention with result in the ouster of Gadhafi and free elections in Libya.

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