Students Arrested For Robbery At Their Former School

Six Chapel Hill graduates are in jail charged with breaking into their alma mater.

18 year old Michael Whiteland and 19 year old Benjamin Bates are charged with Felony Theft. 18 year old Keren Ott is charged with Misdemeanor Theft. Three other suspects were arrested late Wednesday afternoon. 18 year olds Joshua Ward, Justin Wallace, and Kevin Hargrove are all charged with felony theft.

A tip led Smith County Investigators to recover nearly $50,000 in stolen computers, printers, calculators, and a plasma screen TV. The items were stolen from Chapel Hill High School late last spring.

Sheriff J.B. Smith says the investigation is not yet over. "We anticipate recovering quite a bit more as soon as we can pin point and get the locations of the people they were sold to. Because, a majority of the people they were sold to probably didn't, they do not know that these items were stolen."

In all, almost $100,000 in equipment was stolen from the school. Chapel Hill was insured, and much of it was replaced. But the district still had to pay $40,000 out of pocket to be ready to start this school year.

Stephen Parr, reporting.