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Custody talks over children removed from filthy home

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TROUP, TX (KLTV)- The children that were removed from a filthy mobile home near Troup could soon be in state custody. That's according to Child Protective Services.

While charges against the adoptive parents are pending, the children's mom says she blames the messy house on one of her children.

Two little boys, age 9 and 10, were living in filthy conditions that authorities say had been building up for years. Investigators say they gave the children's adoptive parents plenty of chances.

"Between the sheriff's office, Troup Police Department and our agency we're probably out there 6 to 8 times a month just because the parents seem to not be able to control their children," said Precinct 3 Constable Dustin Rust.

Deputies caught the children's adoptive mom, Martha McDougal, with one of the boys Wednesday afternoon.

CPS had placed the boys with their grandmother, but now they're reconsidering. CPS says the parents could lose custody, meaning the boys would be back in foster care. McDougal says she blames the home's condition on her children.

"He has wrecked the house," she said. "When he was having all his anger spells he'd just go through and knock everything and he'd grab the bags that we keep our medication in and just throw it all over the room. He would just throw clothes all over his room. He wouldn't put them up like we told him to. So, he had a mound of clothes in his floor."

What she couldn't explain is the rotten food strewn across the house and a space heater left on next to the children's toys.

"Being a small child, you have no control over anything. You rely on people to take care of you and when you don't have that, what do you have? You have nothing. You have no hope," said Rust.

"They're my kids and we're going to do our best not to lose them. They've already been moved around enough in their life," said McDougal.

Now, they're on the move again.

Authorities say the evidence against the McDougals will be handed over to a grand jury that will decide if the parents will be indicted on child endangerment charges.


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