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Family: Special needs teen hospitalized from bullying

By Stephen McLamb- bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A special needs 7th grader at a Jackson County school underwent surgery Thursday afternoon after what family members describe as a bullying incident in school.

Family members say they took out a warrant on the student who did it to her and he was arrested. Family members say after he was arrested he went back to school.

WAFF-48 News went to find out answers from Section High School but they're not talking.

Family members say Section seventh grader Joanna Martin is recovering in a Jackson County hospital as a result of actions from a bully at school March 7th.

"He kicked her in the back of the leg and when that wasn't good enough he kicked her right here on the ankle," said Amanda Beasley, Martin's sister.

But it was that area near the ankle where the family says the bulk of the damage was done.

"It's broke. It's been broken in seven places and in some places it's completely shattered," said Beasley.

Amanda Beasley says her sister is special needs and so too is the older student accused of doing it to her.

She believes the teacher had left the room and left an aide to watch over them when the incident occurred.

"I got a phone call about 2:15 saying that I needed to pick her up from school," said Beasley

When Beasley found out it was more than just a hurt ankle, she took action earlier this week with the Section Police Department.

"We've pressed charges. He went to jail Tuesday for assault," said Beasley.

But now Beasley says she's troubled for other students at the school.

"He was arrested Tuesday.  Now he's back in school.  He's has not been suspended.  He has not been expelled," said Beasley.

Beasley feels suspension is the least that should be done and that school officials have known for weeks that the bullying has been going on. 

"I personally wish he would go to jail for at least a year. I mean this is horrible. Bullying needs to stop," said Beasley.

Section interim principal Gene Roberts says they have no comment and the situation is under investigation.

Attempts to reach Section Police Chief Pete Ledwell were unsuccessful.

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