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Location of buried remains still unknown

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VAN ZANDT COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – A family makes a horrific discovery after someone is buried on top of their loved one.

The family says they want the body removed, but the cemetery association tells KLTV that it may not be that easy.

The President of the Cemetery Association says while there is record of a Pauline Brown buried at Starr Cemetery in Van Zandt County, there is no record that she's buried in that particular spot.

When it comes to Starr Cemetery, there is very little Ronnie Shelton isn't aware of.

So, when the Brown/Lynch family told him someone is buried on top of their loved one, he was more than a little shocked. Telling us he even had the plot checked before it was dug.

"He came out and did the whole cemetery. Three different times, never once was there an indication that anyone was buried there, or that the ground had ever been disturbed. Therefore, we marked it as a space available," said Shelton

So, the space went to the Groom family, with no knowledge of a 14-year-old Pauline Brown.

"I believe she's buried here in the cemetery. Because I have seen the obituary that's in the paper in and I've seen the report from the funeral home that says she's buried at Starr Cemetery," Shelton says

But where Brown's remains are buried is a mystery—to Shelton.

"He went over this three times and never showed any indication that this ground had ever been dug up," Shelton expressed.

He says there was no sign that a body was already at the site. No documentation that the body of Pauline Brown was buried here and no marker on the teen's grave site..

While Shelton says that there is nothing that could be done about records, families are given a chance to mark known grave sites, twice a year.

"We mail out a letter and one of the last things at the bottom of the letter is that we still want people to contact us if they know of people buried here that don't have a marker," explained Shelton.

A free option never taken, that could have saved two families months of heartache.

The Board of Trustees for Starr Cemetery Association will be meeting next Wednesday to discuss if and when Marlin Groom's body will be moved.

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