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Proposed nuclear plant to be 100 miles from Houston

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HOUSTON (CNN) - The troubles at a Japanese nuclear power plant have many concerned about nuclear plants in the U.S.

Exelon, which is America's largest nuclear producer, is trying to get an early site permit for a proposed plant about 100 miles from Houston.

The site will be about 7 miles as the crow flies from David Huber's ranch.

"If there's one life I could live, it's out here. That's why I fight to protect it. If anything that's going to potentially destroy this environment, it is unimaginable," Huber said.

Huber's family has worked this land since the 1860s.

"The chances of something like that happening due to natural circumstances is very remote, but we live in a terroristic world now," Huber said.

It's the natural world that concerns others, who express concerns over the water that would be used from the Guadeloupe River in what is already drought-prone region.

Also, the potential for radioactive pollutants and the impact on wildlife, not to mention human life worry some.

"If it didn't mean everything to me, I wouldn't be here," Huber said.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is holding hearings Wednesday and Thursday to get input from the community.  

The city said building the nuclear power plant would bring in jobs and millions of dollars.

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