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Community Spotlight: Red Cross

The images of the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan evoke a helpless feeling here in the United States and in particular East Texas.  Is there anything we can do?  Indeed there is.  The American Red Cross is sending money and supplies to help those in need in Japan and the need there is great.  From food, to family link services, to temporary shelters, the American Red Cross is in the middle of the disaster area.  We have three Red Cross Chapters right here in East Texas – The Tyler Chapter, East Texas Piney Woods Chapter and the Henderson County Chapter.  Each of these organizations is prepared to answer the call in the event of a local disaster.  But they also help the communities they serve prepare for needs through C-P-R and first aid training, and other courses all in the spirit of helping our fellow citizens in need.  March is National Red Cross Month and with the current need in Japan and others areas of the world knowing also that the next disaster could happen right here in East Texas, we are naming the local chapters of the American Red Cross as KLTV's Community Spotlight for March.  We have links to the local chapters on our website and they need your donation or your time in volunteering to make a difference when the need is greatest.  The American Red Cross, meeting disaster head on and KLTV's Community Spotlight for March.

Original air date: 03/24/11

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