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A Better East Texas: NFL Lockout

The NFL players and owners are headed for a showdown and the current labor dispute will most likely be settled in court.  The owners want a longer season and the players are pushing back because of the injury potential.  The players want a more transparent ownership accounting environment which ultimately means they want a bigger piece of the financial pie.  Both sides have reverted to some childlike tactics including the now defunct players union suggesting that potential draftees avoid the official N-F-L draft ceremony believing that the non-appearance would somehow sour the event.  Some veteran players are speaking out now saying the draft prospects deserve to attend the special event.  I am not crazy about the players wanting a bigger voice in the direction of the league because it just seems that players lack any type of humility in this struggle and it just reinforces the selfish, showboat image that many players embrace.  When disputes like this happen, it would be refreshing to see both sides act in a mature way, it would certainly win over the fans that ultimately have the power of saying no when it comes to tickets and merchandise.  The N-F-L season will probably happen in some form but the current stalemate is a bad example of how to strike a deal for the greater good.

Original air date: 03/21/11

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