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Woman finds hairy surprise in ice cream

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV)- A Longview woman says a Saturday night lounging on the couch turned into a hairy situation. After finding a frozen ball of hair at the bottom of a carton of Blue Bell Ice Cream, she now wants the well-known company to get to the bottom of this.

Tawanna Reese said she gagged after finding a frozen clump of black hair tangled in the bottom of her cookies 'n cream ice cream carton.

"That's a serious mistake," said Reese. "It's not like one hair. It's a ball of hair."

A ball of hair Reese said she nearly swallowed. Concerned over what may have been in the hair, she called poison control.

"They told me just to contact the ER and I talked to a lady and she was like, I'm not trying to be funny, but as long you don't feel a ball of hair in your throat then I guess you're okay," said Reese.

Reese said she's not okay with this hairy situation. She first confronted the convenience store where she bought the ice cream.

"He really wanted to come pick it up and I was like well I'm going to over that way anyway, so I'll just drop it off, but no apology nothing from him so I don't even know what to think on his half," she said. 

Now, she has some serious questions for Blue Bell Ice Cream.

"Figure out if it's a person," she said. "Maybe somebody fell in their machine? I don't know, or somebody just cut hair and put it in there."

The Blue Bell Chief Financial Officer said the ice cream facility is a highly controlled environment. The company said they'd like to pick-up the pint of ice cream for testing because they want to get answers as badly as Reese.

"Really it's still in the back of my head," said Reese. "What's all in it? Where does it come from? Was it something done on purpose?"

Wherever it came from, Reese said she desperately wants this memory gone and her appetite back.

"Since last Saturday night everything I eat, it just makes me feel gross inside," she said.

The Blue Bell Chief Financial Officer said in his 30 years with the company, they've never seen a situation like this. He said they'll investigate Reese's claim. 

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