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'We're all fighting to save Texas schools'

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AUSTIN, TX (KLTV) – The numbers are staggering, and could lead to a cold-reality. One out of every three teachers in Texas could be out of a job if the current state budget crisis isn't resolved.

Teachers are taking the threat seriously, which means taking their message on the road.

For some, this week is spring break, and while many may be making plans to go on a vacation, others are taking the time to make a difference.

Mount Vernon teacher, August Whitaker, is only one of the thousands of educators, parents, and students who traveled to Austin with the hope of having their voices heard.

"I started my spring break by driving three hundred miles to Austin to ride a charter bus with other passionate educators that are very concerned about our education system," says Whitaker, "They're fighting for their jobs, for their classroom, for their students. They realize that the change that's about to take hold on education is not for the best."

That's why she says close to 15,000 people, from all over Texas, marched around the Capitol to get their message across.

"They know we're all in the same boat and that we're all fighting to save Texas schools," Whitaker said.

If the proposed budget cuts are made, close to 100,000 teachers will soon lose their jobs. Whitaker says educators want lawmakers to tap into the 9.4 billion dollar rainy day fund to keep this from happening.

"Education is our foundation. If we do not have educated people, how is our state going to run," asked Whitaker.

She says it's up to the people of Texas to now take charge, "Contact your local representative let them know how this is impacting you and your school district. Contact your school district, your superintendents and find out how this is going to impact your school."

At Saturday's rally, only two of 30 lawmakers invited, showed up to face the crowd.

More than 10,000 teachers took the Capital, again on Monday, hoping to get the attention of lawmakers.

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