Huckabee brings book tour to East Texas

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- He's considered one of the top 5 candidates for the Republican presidential ticket in 2012, even thought he hasn't yet announced whether he'll run, and Sunday, he was in East Texas. Former Arkansas governor and talk show host Mike Huckabee made a stop in Tyler for a book signing. Rolling his tour bus to Hastings book store , Mike Huckabee met with fans and signed copies of his book "A Simple Government: Twelve Things We Really Need From Washington, and a Trillion That We Don't!"

"The main thing I'm looking for is reaction to the message of the book, and as people read it they'll have an impression of whether or not I run they believe this is where America needs to go," he says.

For those who waited hours in line, the visit was about more than a book, but a presidential run.

"I think he's a marvelous man, all his comments and all his beliefs , he's just what it takes," says Jenny Slough , who waited over 5 hours to see Huckabee.

He's gathering support from many with his common sense government policy.

"Government was supposed to be simple, local, limited, it has become monstrous, gobbling us up , its eating our children and grandchildren's future, the original constitution was 20 pages, Obamacare is 2300 pages, we have turned it into this monstrosity," Huckabee says.

And his homespun humor.

"I would never wait in line this long to meet me," he says.

Huckabee has been through this before , and says he knows he has to convince voters he's got the answers.

"The traditional police of America was speak softly but carry a big stick, I think the Obama policy is make apologies and throw away the stick," says Huckabee.

His message is connecting.

"I know he's a man of integrity and I think that will carry him a long way, I think he has to stay on the road he's on and persevere," says Huckabee supporter Dennis Buckner.

He says he'll make a decision based on talking to people like these.

"I've got to reach deep inside and decide is this what I need to be doing right now," Huckabee says.

After stops in Tyler and Longview, the Huckabee book signing tour moves on to stops in Shreveport and Baton Rouge.

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