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08/30/03 - Longview

Republic of Texas Government Seats in Overton

Is Texas a state or an independent republic? A group of patriotic Texans have a vision for our state's future and it's based on our past. They're seeking independence once again for the Lone star state.

At a dedication in Overton, a building was bought by the "Republic of Texas", complete with a president and vice-president. They will set up a seat of government.

"We are now officially reborn with a capitol and all the things that a nation needs to once again be called the Republic of Texas," says Republic of Texas president Dan Miller. The group has been around for many years, and several generations have continued the fight, claiming Texas was never lawfully brought into the union of states.

But this group is peaceful and organized and holds no connection with the west Texas group that had a standoff with government agents back in 1995. "There was at one time a group claiming to be the Republic of Texas that tried armed rebellion, they are not part of us," member Robert Paris says.

"We want to convince Texans of what we are and of what we're about, and not the lies that have been portrayed in the past," says Republic vice president Lauren Savage. They have elected officials, commerce and security departments, a judicial system. Their plan is to educate people that Texas should be a sovereign nation.

Local residents are in a wait-and-see mode. "We'll I'm really unsure I don't know a lot about them , don't know a lot about their association or what their goals are," says Overton businesswoman Loretta Posey.

"As far as them being here I this is a free country I'm not against them being here but i don;t think it will be a great boom to this area for them to be here," says Overton resident Johnny Wright. Around 200 people attended todays event. This republic hopes to one day return to self rule.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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