Safety Tips for Pit BBQ Grilling with Stanley

Nick Pencis (Stanley's Famous BBQ Pit): First and foremost is sanitation. Don't put cooked meat on the same plate as raw meat. Use a clean plate for your cooked meat. Wash all your utensil and your hands often. If you can, you can wear latex gloves. And if you can, use different utensils for raw meat and cooked meat.

Next, knives. Use a sharp knife and sharpen your knife often. Nick says a dull knife will damage your food. It can potentially cause a worse injury if you have an accident.

Use long tongs and forks when working over the grill so you don't burn your hands. And watch out for those hot surfaces!

Metal spatulas are a must. Plastic spatulas will melt in all that heat!

And a meat thermometer is a must for that perfect steak! Also, use it to make sure your meats are cooked to a safe internal temperature or your desired steak temperature (rare, medium rare, done, etc.)