New Program Helps Students Realize College Dreams

It's the first of its kind, an investment in the future. Mineola High School launched their "Go Center" Friday, a place they hope helps drive students into college.

"Education is out there, go get it," explains Monica Martinez, a Mineola junior who also works as a mentor for the program. "That's the tagline for it."

The current numbers show that college enrollment in the state will be down to one-point-two million by 2015. The legislature hopes this program will raise that number to one-point-five million.

The Go Center will become a statewide addition, and features students teaching students, helping to answer questions about education at the next level.

"They don't think there's enough money, or their grades aren't good enough," Martinez says.

"We're out there to show them that there is tons of money, and their grades can raise."

Nearly fifty of these Go Centers will open in Texas this week, a response to slowed college admittance rates in the state. The state legislature's "College For Texans" campaign wants to turn that number around.

The Go Center will be available to everyone, and will help them with applications, financial aid, and any other problems that may come up. They say education is too important to be put off by the details.

"Everyone can go to college, they should know that," Martinez says. "I just hope that people become successful, that's what we want."

They hope getting there just got a little bit easier.

Reid Kerr ( reporting.