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Homemade chemical bomb thrown at Gladewater home

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LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- An apparent high school prank could have turned deadly , and will soon have 4 Gladewater students facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. February 19th, police say a homemade chemical bomb was thrown at a residence in the 12-hundred block of Cannon Street in Gladewater. Vonda and Kevin Moyers heard a disturbance outside their door and when say a truck sped off, then the alleged bomb burst, giving Mrs Moyers several chemical burns on her legs.

"She saw the people out there then heard it hit the house, the vehicle, it will be aggravated assault using that as a deadly weapon," says Gladewater Police Chief Farrell Alexander.

4 Gladewater High School boys were eventually identified in the incident, but the victims are angry that none have been arrested or charged.

"They are just worried that this is being swept under the carpet and they want something done, within 24 hours not only did they have statements by my clients on what happened , but they had statements from the 4 boys on what happened, and told everything and nobody's been arrested," says the Moyers attorney Darryl Bennett.

Investigators say the device was a plastic bottle like this filled with a chemical and metal, causing a chemical reaction, bursting the bottle and spraying the chemical out.

"There are some of theses chemicals that they are using that are extremely dangerous that can maim or kill," Alexander says.

But damage has already been done to one victim.

"She's scared to leave her house now, she works at the school and she sees theses boys everyday. All they know is they want something done, my client rode around town for 45 minutes until he found the vehicle, they admit to everything, but yet they weren't arrested," says Bennett.

"We're filing aggravated assault charges because of the potential of a deadly incident," says Alexander.

Mrs. Moyers suffered only minor burns. Police will be presenting a case to the district attorney for prosecution, at least 3 of the boys will face adult charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and criminal mischief.

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