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Tale of the price war: Walmart vs Target

By Samantha Jordan – bio| email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – Walmart says they have "low prices always," but a new report says that may not be the case.

The new study took products from both Target and Walmart and matched them up against one another to see who had the better deals. The winner was Target.

As gas prices continue to climb, it's no surprise everyone is looking for better deals to stretch their dollar. And when it comes to saving money, Walmart is one store that comes to mind.

Shopper Linda Gillam says, "I would think Walmart, my first thought is they have everything there that I need, and it's a bigger store."

But a new report says that may not be the case after all.

Analysts from JP Morgan Chase tracked prices for 50 of the same items each month since last May from both Target and Walmart, the results: Target had the better prices.

Larry Humphreys, Team Leader of the Tyler Target, says, "I think day in and day out we're right on with Walmart. We compare our prices weekly and try to make sure we give our shoppers the best prices we can."

So we decided to do our own survey by taking five items most East Texas households would need, and compared the prices at both stores.

The results? When it comes to a bottle of Tide, Walmart beat Target by two cents. Angel Soft toilet paper, again, Walmart came out on top by two cents. A box of Cheerios will cost you 15 cents less at Walmart than Target. A five-pack of men's Hanes undershirts, again, Walmart beat out Target by two cents.

But, when it came to Borden's whole milk, it was Target who took the win by nine cents.

Gillman says whether it's Target or Walmart, she goes where the sales are, "When there's something that I want, and I know I've gotten it here before, I come back here to get it."

So while Walmart did beat out Target four out of five times in our survey, the difference isn't by a huge margin.

It just depends on the amount of sense it makes to you.

KLTV repeatedly attempted to contact Walmart for their view on the new report, but they did not respond.

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