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Brutal dog attack brings awareness to animal abandonment

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DIALVILLE, TX (KLTV) – After a brutal three-on-one, an East Texas dog had over three hundred dollars of medical procedures and medications to nurse him back to health.

Buddy was attacked on his owner's property on Saturday, in the town of Dialville, near Jacksonville.

Buddy's owner says three dogs attacked that he'd never seen before, leading to worries that abandoned animals could be on the rise.

Jim Smith says his dog is usually quiet, but then things got out of hand, "He was still screaming, hollering, and crying, and I looked over there and there was two more underneath the porch and had them pinned up."

With the help of his owner, Buddy survived the attack of three dogs.

"In another five minutes, they would have killed them, because they got him tore up pretty bad," Smith explained.

But the question remains, who owned these three dogs, or were they like the three dogs Smith owns, dogs that were abandoned.

"There's a certain populace that has decided abandoning an animal is the same as returning the animal back to the wild, but it's simply, is not," said Angela Wallace, Executive Director of Klein Animal Shelter.

"Domesticated animals usually don't know how to find food, even though there might be water around, people might think ‘hey, there's water, they'll survive,' it's not a substitute for food," explained Tonya Griffith, owner of Tonya Griffith's Animal Rescue.

Animal rescuers say abandonment of animals is on the rise.

"The number one reason that we hear is that, ‘We just didn't have enough money for them, we couldn't afford them anymore.' To me, that's a copout," says Wallace.

It's an issue across the nation, and East Texas is not an exception.

When dogs are abandoned, and they survive, everybody could be at risk.

"They start acting like an actual wild wolf pack and they will go out and start hunting bigger game, like livestock and things, they will come onto your property and attack a house dog," Wallace explained.

Luckily, Buddy in the bright side of the road to recovery.

East Texas Animal Shelters advise anyone who feels like they cannot take care of an animal, to either take them to a shelter, or try to find them a new home.

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