A Better East Texas: Charlie Sheen

Seeing the dozen or so interviews with Charlie Sheen you get a pretty good idea of what this guy is like.  There is obviously something wrong whether it be mental illness of chemical dependency.  Here is a bigger than life ego that had a long profitable career that is now about to hit rock bottom.  It is incredible to watch and to know that Charlie Sheen is loved by so many but cared for by so few.  Even his dad seems to have given up on trying to make a difference.  Seeing Sheen with his two live in girl friends try and explain why his life is so spectacular and even going as far to say that his kids will someday realize how great their dad is, is painful to watch.  But it is something that cannot be ignored.  You have to wonder and even hope that somewhere deep inside of him is the voice of sanity and reason that is crying to get out.  Mental illness and addiction grab so many people and we have to be willing to act to save our friends and loved ones.  So from that perspective, perhaps someone will act to save Mr. Sheen from himself or maybe someone will act to save someone far, far from the spotlight and make a difference.  Certainly, something good will come of this sad display, and it will make for a Better East Texas.