A Better East Texas: Made in America

What if a minor change in a habit could retain an American job or better yet, create a new one.  America continues to lose ground as a manufacturing power and the one absolute way we can turn the tide is to buy products made in the USA.  As a matter of fact, ABC is doing a series of stories under the Made in America label.  One series of stories centers around a family in Dallas and the quest to re-furnish their home with products – furniture, appliances, decorations – only made in America.  It is sad to say but you cannot find a TV that is made in America.  We need these types of products manufactured here, there is no way around it.  In 19-60 only 8-percent of products consumed in America were imported, today that number is more than 60-percent.  Now, it is somewhat reassuring to note that the U-S-A remains the largest manufacturing force in the world, so the engine is still there, it just needs to be primed.  We have a link on our website from the Community page that features a map that shows what products are manufactured in America and it is updated regularly.  Every product sold in the U-S carries with it a statement on its origin, so check it out and make a difference in your life and perhaps your neighbor's life and that will make for a Better East Texas.