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Cats, dogs, hogs: owners' are responsible

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HAWKINS, TX (KLTV) – An East Texas senior remains hospitalized, days after he was reportedly attacked by a hog.

Dan Turner, 76, was attacked Friday on CR 2689 in Hawkins.

The animal that attacked him is believed to have been a domesticated hog owned by one of his neighbors.

Game Wardens say whether it be a cat, a dog, or livestock, pet owners' are responsible for their animals.

While they may not be your typical man's best friend, there's nothing unusual about calling a pot belly pig part of the family.

When Game Warden Chris Green heard about the attack in Hawkins, he was a little surprised, "They make good pets. A lot of people do have them and this recent incident is the first time I ever heard of a pot belly pig attacking someone,"

But Green says while it is unheard of, there are plenty of things that could have provoked the hog, "An animal that attacks, you know they do that for a reason, some of them because they're abused and just take it out on different people, some of them have a genetic imbalance, some of them may get cornered and then harassed."

Green says whatever the reason may be, it's still up to the pet owners to take responsibility, "Having a domestic pig, it's usually not a problem unless it becomes a nuisances or does attack someone, and then we do have to do something about it because it's all about public safety."

Now whether any charges will be filed in this case is still uncertain. But, Green says if you do own a pot belly pig who has aggressive tendencies, it's probably best to keep them in a pen and away from people.

Family members say they expect Dan Turner to be released from the hospital in the next few days.

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