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Elementary students protest State cuts on education

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ORE CITY, TX (KLTV) – Loud protesters held signs against possible state cuts on education, making their voices known to whoever would hear--and they had to do it before third period math class.

Ore City Elementary school kids were exercising their right to protest. Ore City fifth graders we're lined up in front of their school on Hwy 259 with handmade signs, protesting proposed state cuts in education.

It was the brainchild of Ore City fifth grade social studies teacher Betty Hildreth, who wanted to give the kids a lesson in how to exercise their right to free speech and protest.

"We were studying about our rights as citizens, and I thought the kids should partake in their rights. What better way to learn their rights than to protest this funding that is going to be cut," says Hildreth.

They understand this issue and realize the state has a massive deficit, and will make cuts, but they don't want them to come from schools.

"Those cuts are going to affect me. I want my voice heard, be proudly in front of our school holding our posters standing up for what we believe in," says 11-year-old student, Zachary Andrews.

"It's important for me to protest because I'm showing my belief against budget cutting, someday, we're going to need a good education to get a good job in our life," said fifth grader Samuel Rhoden.

Some of the signs the kids made will be taken by teachers to Austin on March 12, for the education rally.

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