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"Does It Work?": 8/26/03

Cascade Plastic Booster: "Does It Work?"

Everybody has them. Plastic bowls, stained from the food they've had in them. And it always seems to be red or orange... doesn't it? But we have found a product that claims to reverse the effects of all those years of spaghetti sauce, taco meat and sloppy Joe mix. It's called Plastic Booster. And this week we ask the question... "Does It Work?".

Cascade, the makers of the dishwasher liquid you've know for years, call their new Plastic Booster, a plastic cleaning additive. Use regularly to remove red stains and odors, the label says. It's even recommended by Tupperware. We'll try it on two plastic bowls that have seen better days. One of them, the small one, is actually made by Tupperware. You still need to use your regular dishwasher liquid. Plastic Booster, of course, recommends we use Cascade. We'll comply just to make sure we give it every chance to work. The Plastic Booster goes in the pre-wash container. About 3 tablespoons, close the door, turn the dial, set it normal wash and wait.

The second I opened the dishwasher, I could see the results were not too impressive. Still lots of red showing up in these bowl. So, per the instructions, I decide to give them a second go 'round. Same routine, little Cascade, little Plastic Booster, Close the door and set the dial and wait.

Turns out, it may have been worth the trouble. Still not perfect, but the red tint faded significantly. So "Does It Work?". We give Cascade Plastic Booster... a "yes".

Plastic booster costs about 3 dollars and is available now at any grocery story or discount department store.

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