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1 hospitalized, 1 in custody following attempted burglary

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – One suspected intruder in a jail cell, the other is in the hospital after an East Texas Peace Officer opened fire on them.

The break-in turned shooting happened just after 6:30 a.m. at the Wood Trail Apartments on Shiloh Road in Tyler.

In what Police are calling a random break-in, the two intruders had no idea one of those inside the apartment was Smith County Deputy Constable Derek Phillips.

Armed and ready, Phillips didn't hesitate to protect himself and his girlfriend, but now, some residents wonder what to do when it happens to them.

When Elliot Segraves left his apartment Thursday morning, he didn't know he'd walk into a crime scene.

Police cars and crime scene tape covered his Wood Trail apartment home.

"We've lived here about four years and never had anything happen," says Segraves.

Tyler Police arrested 21-year-old Patric Thurston, who with the help of 22-year-old Matthew Dwayne Patton, tried to break inside the apartment.

Precinct One Deputy Constable Derek Phillips called 911 at 6:30. The two year veteran of the force told the dispatcher he wanted to report a break-in, and shots fired.

Police say once Thurston and Patton were inside Deputy Constable Phillips opened fire, hitting Patton in the chest, once his partner collapsed, Thurston took off, running right into the woods nearby, where Police say he ditched a handgun.

An ambulance took Patton to a hospital. A witness description helped Police track down his partner in crime.

Less than an hour later, Police helped Thurston into the back of a Police car.

A tow truck took away the suspect's vehicle and the little that remained of the scene.

Still, the shocks remained for residents.

"I'm glad it wasn't us, but who knows what would happen next time," said one resident.

The two suspects involved in this break-in now face very different futures.

Patric Thurston remains in the Smith County Jail, charged with felony burglary.

Meanwhile, hospital officials say his alleged partner, Matthew Patton, remains in critical condition from that gunshot wound.

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