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Beary Exciting Exhibit

By Jamey Boyum - email

Tyler, TX (KLTV) - Tyler's Caldwell Zoo has a new exhibit that's beary interesting and well worth checking out. It's been in the works for a while now and is finally ready for the public: Caldwell's black bears.

It's just a quick walk at Caldwell Zoo to see their newest residents, though sometimes they don't come running out to see you. They're still shy since they moved in, and sometimes Scotty Stainback has to coax them out with a little honey.

"Which is their favorite. Pooh Bear, if you watch that you'll know bears love honey," Scotty said.

Visitors have expressed a lot of interest in a bear exhibit. Timber and Tyler are sister and brother, born at the Fort Worth Zoo.

"We actually went up in the summer, the veterinarian and I did, and we did a pre-ship exam on them just to make sure they were healthy and able to travel," Scotty said. "We brought them in here and they're just in perfect health. They have nice shiny coats. It kind of fits here with what we do here at the zoo with some of our North American areas we want to provide animals you might see in the wild."

Scotty also said they're most active in the morning because they're still on the Fort Worth schedule. Here at their new home they're provided with everything they need.

"A safe area for all these animals, and we want them to know that. These bears know that and if something happens they will run back in to where they feel very comfortable, and then they'll work their way back out," Scotty said. "We can regulate the temperature in there and keep it very comfortable."

Tyler and Timber are already a big hit.

"What did you think of the bears? " I asked a little boy.

"Feshie, " He replied.

He must be allergic. It's a good thing it's not a petting zoo.

The bears turned four years old February 2nd, and their parents are still in Fort Worth. Tyler and Timber are coming outside a little more every day, but morning is still the best time to see them.

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