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Smith Co. DA: At this point, no connection in burned body cases

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – The Smith County District Attorney's office says at this point, there is nothing to connect the case of the charred body found in burned vehicle, with a man's body found in a burning house last week.

While authorities work to identify the person found in the truck, a neighbor says it's not the first time he's seen vehicles parked in the empty field next to his home, "Somebody's back here at night, obviously, because you've got proof of it now," says Chad Jackman.

Jackman lives next door to the secluded field where the charred body was discovered in a burning truck on Monday morning.

"Over a year now, there's been cars in and out of that area," Jackman explained, "During lunch time, cars just sitting back in that area. You know, hiding in the woods. You drive by and you kind of see them. Makes you wonder what's really going on in there."

Trees and heavy brush surround the field covered in trash and now, melted tires. From the inside of the lot, you can hear highway traffic, but can't see it.

"There's people over here. I don't know what they do, but there's definitely cars in this area a lot," says Jackman.

While investigators worked the crime scene, neighbor Bob Wright says he noticed a suspicious car casing the area, "There was a red car, pulled up and turned around about four times while this was going on down the street."

Authorities say the license plate melted off the truck, but they do have the VIN. They're still working to determine the person found inside because the body was burned beyond recognition.

An autopsy on the body will be conducted on Wednesday.

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