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Proposed bill drastically cuts Planned Parenthood funding

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BUFFALO, NY (CNN) - A controversial bill is moving through Congress that will drastically cut funding for Planned Parenthood. More than 100 supporters of Planned Parenthood protested against what they consider an attack on women health services.

"I'm terrified by what conservatives are doing to decimate women's rights," said Planned Parenthood supporter Candice Fletcher.

Last week, GOP legislators proposed a cut of $61 billion from federal programs, including more than $300 million for Planned Parenthood.

Supporters of Planned Parenthood say if the bill passes, it will affect more than $10,000 women and men in Western New York.

"Planned Parenthood desperately needs the cooperation of the New York State Department of Health and the federal government to supply low income women and men with needed gynecological care, STD testing and cancer screens," said Planned Parenthood's Amy White. "These services, the federal governments and states provide us funding for."

House Speaker John Boehner said the bill is to help shrink the national deficit, but opponents argue the bill is politically driven by pro-life supporters.

Planned Parenthood does offer abortions, but said tax dollars do not go toward those services. State Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, D- Buffalo, attended the rally and believes balancing the budget and political agendas should not be crossed.

"It was an agenda by extremists," Hoyt said. "I recognize we have a huge deficit, I recognize that we have to make cuts, but I think they're attempting to insert their political agenda into their responsibility to make responsible cuts."

"I'm concerned because I think people focus on safe abortion actions, which is certainly so important, but also forget that Planned Parenthood is there for families," said Fletcher. "I am certainly here as a cancer survivor, with reproductive cancer, as an adopted mother, and all of those rights have been safeguarded and my ability to make those choices by the work of Planned Parenthood."

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