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Paying for college could be a click away


By Samantha Jordan – bio| email


TYLER,TX (KLTV)-  Their goal is to get East Texas kids to the next round of their education.

Financial advisors nationwide got together for "College Goal Sunday" to help students and parents tackle the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

There's nothing cheap about the word college, but according to Jane Manley, the coordinator of College Goal Sunday in East Texas there's another word parents can take comfort in. @

"Many times parents especially if its their first time that they're going through this event they are intimated by the whole process called FAFSA first of all it's a difficult word to say most people say FASFA instead of FAFSA so just starting there its already difficult," said Manley.

So parents like Beverly Latta decided if she was going to tackle FAFSA it wasn't going to be alone. 

Turns out she was in for a pleasant surprise

"it was really easy, it was a lot quicker than I thought it would we breezed right through it," said Beverly Latta, filling out FAFSA application.

"The process is simple its straight forward the government has done a wonderful job to make it easier and it is an essential part in being able to afford a college education," said Manley.

However, financial advisors are saying parents aren't the only ones who need to be in the loop.

"The student definitely needs to know what's going on they need to know the entire process they need to know how to complete the application," said a TJC Financial Aid Advisor.

And even though College Goal Sunday is already over, financial aid advisors from any of the colleges here in the East Texas area are available to help you fill out your application, even if you don't plan to go to school there.

Some East Texas parents are already making plans to come back.

"I have a son who's a sophomore this year and I plan on bringing him up here when its time for him to enroll in college to," said Latta.


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