Churches Clash on Henderson Roadway

The traffic star in Henderson is it's most congested intersection, and it has become somewhat of a Sunday afternoon battleground between two religious groups... But graphic messages and signs by one had residents complaining to police.

Some people claiming to be with a baptist group held graphic signs and slogans against abortion and homosexuality last Sunday, and caused numerous complaints by motorists. Between Kilgore drive and Highway 64 west, members of Heritage Baptist church demonstrated on one side, while members of new life fellowship church demonstrated on the other...

Both insistent about their of biblical principal.. The other of hope for the future. "We must stand against wickedness, homosexuality is sin, abortion is murder and its sin and were need to stand against it... Our church is not a hate ministry and we've been portrayed as hate mongers and that's not right" said Pastor W.D. Otwell of Heritage Baptist church of Mount Enterprise.

"There is a hope for salvation there is a hope for rescue, we don't want to be on board the ship running around saying the boats going down but not pointing any body to a life boat" says Kevin Roper of the New Life fellowship church of Henderson. Bob Hallmark reporting.