New Technology Means Convenience For Patients At Local Hospital

Titus Regional Medical Center in Mount Pleasant held a community reception Sunday to honor their new CEO, Ron Davis. Since Davis moved down from Iowa, the staff made Davis a "Welcome To Texas" basket to help him get used to his new home.

The hospital also gave tours to show their new CT scanner, a breakthrough in technology that will allow them to diagnose patients quicker and more thoroughly. The device is among the first of its kind in Northeast Texas and Oklahoma.

"It's new technology," explains Lead CT Technician Darrell Beck. "This sixteen slice scanner means shorter scan time for patients and less radiation."

"It'll reduce the radiation by half."

The new CT Scanner machine will allow the doctors to take more in-depth, three-dimensional pictures. It will also decrease the time spent inside the machine by as much as two-thirds.

"I want them to know they're going to get quality of care," new CEO Ron Davis says. "We're going to have the finest equipment and personal care to take care of them."

Reid Kerr ( reporting.